R-416A Product Info Sheet


R-416A Installation Guide

R-416A Product Info Sheet


R416A is THE Choice for Improved Performance With Your R-12 Conversions

  • R-416A is EPA SNAP accepted for use in Stationary Systems, and Flooded Evaporators/ Chillers.
  • It is non-toxic, non-flammable (A1/A1 Rated) and UL classified (File # MH25671.)
  • Is less than half the cost of hard to find R-12.
  • Will be manufactured through 2020.
  • No other blend can match R-416A’s performance.

Advantages of Aspen R-416A vs. R-12

  • R-416A is approximately 1/2 the price
  • R-416A has less than 1% the ozone depletion of R-12
  • R-416A has 1/8th the global warming potential
  • R-416A typically uses less energy to produce equivalent cooling
  • R-416A has lower high and low side pressures
  • R-416A will be manufactured throughout expected lifetime of the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

Advantages of Aspen R-416A vs. R-22 Based Blends (R-401A, R-409A, R-414B)

  • R-416A has lower discharge pressures and temperatures
  • R-416A has lower glide and is classified as a NARM (Near Azeotrope)
  • R-416A exhibits lower fractionation, it can be topped-off without loss of performance
  • R-416A has better compatibility with the materials of construction in systems designed for R-12
  • R-416A has a lower global warming and lower ozone depletion potential
  • R-416A optimizes compressor performance: quieter, longer life with reduced current draw

Advantages of Aspen R-416A vs. R-134a

  • R-416A costs less to convert
  • R-416A is designed to replace R-12
  • R-416A is an enhanced R-134a blend
  • R-416A is a lower pressure refrigerant
  • R-416A is more compatible with existing oil in R-12 systems
  • R-416A typically produces a faster interior cool down
  • R-416A is less susceptible to system shutdown under hot idle conditions
  • R-416A charged systems run at lower temperatures and pressures extending compressor and system life expectancy
  • R-416A works better in undersized condensers

Advantages of Aspen R-416A vs. RB276

  • R-416A ASHRAE approved with “R” R-416A
  • R-416A UL Classified
  • R-416A A1/ A1 Non toxic, non flammable
  • EPA Approved for automotive and stationary A.C. and chillers
  • 12 year sales experience into domestic and global markets
  • Blended and packaged by major refrigerant producer (s)
  • Factory warranty, Factory Tech Support

The Lower Pressure Solution™ for R-12 R-416A needs less compressor power, has a lower discharge temperature, has lower head pressures, lower glide, and has the best environmental performance.


Graph 1 - Lower Compressor Power

  • Lower discharge temperature and pressure
  • Less stress on the compressor, especially during hot gas defrost
  • Cooler, quieter operation

Graph 2 - Lower Discharge Temperature

Graph 3 - Lower Head Pressures

  • Reliable Operation In High Ambient Conditions
  • Less Strain On System Components


Graph 4 - Less Fractionation than Others 


Graph 5 - Elastomer

  • Works with R-12 & R-134a System Materials
  • No Barrier Hoses Required
  • Significantly Better Seal Compatibility Than R-22 Blends

Graph 6 - Environmental

  • The Best Overall Environmentally
  • Lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP), Even Than R-134A